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Handcrafted Irish Pottery
Handcrafted Irish Pottery

Your Creativity is Our Passion!


We are delighted to share all our pottery skills with you all – nobody can say pottery is a dying craft!

We opened our doors to our first pottery students in Dec 2009 and continue to teach all ages and abilities at our studio here in Glaslough , Co. Monaghan. 

I studied at the University of Belfast doing Fine Art and clay stole my heart in second year .

Clay has a way of connecting people and it literally becomes a way of life. Most of my days are spent around people teaching or loading and unloading kilns and thinking up new designs, glazes and ideas. 

I do firmly believe each of us has creativity in us and even people who have never tried it before are amazed at the fired pots they get back!

I often think clay is very like people in its temperament – it doesn’t like to be rushed, it doesn’t like stress (or it will crack); it certainly does not like being overworked or it will collapse (much like people) … you get the idea. 

Clay can also teach us a lot about ourselves as well, it helps us to stay in the moment and learn how to live on the edge, pushing boundaries instead of playing it safe.


There’s a clay community beginning here in Monaghan and I am delighted to be a part of it . 




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