Celtic Vase


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Handmade ceramic blue glaze vase with Celtic design. The triple spiral symbolises the cycles of life. The three spheres – land, sea, and sky, represents the three aspects of the material worlds, each aspect ever flowing outwards and always returning to the point from where it started.

Bragan Blue was inspired by Bragan Bog part of Monaghan’s Slieve Beagh mountains.  A collage of colours, texture, and beauty – this blanket bog looks spectacular all year round with wild purple heather, yellow gorse, and emerald green moss, bog cotton, babbling brooks and a wide open sky, perfect for star gazing.  Misty evenings in the bog is where you see the varying gradients of colour where the land and the sky meet.


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Height: 16.5cm
Width: 7.5cm
Dishwasher Proof


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