The New York Times recently published an article about how pottery is the new pilates.  There is a new awakening about mindfulness. It’s funny really because it has always been there, it’s just that we have become more aware of how we use our time. Little did we know that a simple lump of clay could give you so much pleasure.

Why does clay make us happy?

Clay grounds us and brings us back to earth. Connecting with the elements always helps us turn off the constant chatter of our mind. Life is so brimming full of things to be doing that we forget to slow down and sit in the moment. Because of the tactile and sensory nature of clay, it reminds us to create with no agenda in a very fun and playful way.

Clay helps to liberate us and to keep us focused.

When throwing pots on the wheel the problems in our lives just disappear for that time as clay demands our full attention. It’s very meditative and tuning into it and how it behaves relaxes us. Clay teaches us patience and rewards us with the beautiful things we make. Clay also gets tired when it’s overworked just like people. It falls apart on the potter’s wheel which makes us laugh. People now want to get together and do something creative. Due to its therapeutic qualities, it tends to connect us back to ourselves and our innermost emotions. One can channel these emotions into the clay and let go of anxieties, centering ourselves in the moment.

Read the New York Times article here.

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