We have just finished our last bale of Bubble Wrap and have chosen to use a hessian material as a replacement . Now , I have not as yet researched how environmentally friendly the hessian material is , though I feel it is a a start . We get our recycled boxes from down the road in Armagh at CASPAC and Dunnes Stores in Monaghan kindly donate their boxes to us which are hugely appreciated by us in order to post all your masterpieces to wherever you are . Shredded Paper is easy to locate from “down the road” again at the Emyvale Credit Union .

Environment is everything to our world . It is our inspiration behind our products and the inspiration for generations to come . It just takes a moment to look around and see how we can curb our appetite for plastic . There are alternatives and we should share all our packaging ideas to stop the plastic panic . Friendlier Packaging will help to sell our products . It’s what consumers want and need – see it as a challenge not as a hindrance to creativity .

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