Why do we all have a favourite mug? A classic “Best Friend ” type mug . It’s contours ,it’s textures & colour . It’s handle & how it feels against your fingers . Why do we get upset when someone else goes off with our mug?  What is the “pull” of the mug ? The irresistible attraction? Is it emotional ,magnetic ,pathetic or just plain familiarity that attracts  us to our “special” mugs ?

I am not just talking about handmade ceramic mugs made by a skilled potter somewhere , someplace, someway in a defining moment of creative stupor, fashioning the handle mindfully to suit the body  of the mug knowing the body & the handle must fit perfectly.

No. I am also referring to the cheap mass produced mug . It was perfect when you got it or someone gave it to you but slowly were & tear sets in and now it sports a chip on the lip or an absent handle or wandering crack ,its funny how we still cling to them like there’s no other .

A mug has a sensual quality to it that demands our full attention; a familiarity or vulnerability about it as if it needs our protection -whats that all about ? THE tea stained mug that has seen you through thick and thin regardless of it’s just being a “mug. ” The one you held tightly during your emotional breakup , your thesis, your autumn assessments, the audit etc. A mug which holds your history your passion , your beliefs & your intentions . Who would have thought ? The humble mug. Come hell or high water you always have your mug , something you can reach for.

The dutiful mug to share moments with in very uncertain times Something you can rely on no matter what. The lessons learned the lessons yet to unfold. It’s heat ,it’s strength & fragility, it’s usefulness in this world, it’s dignified presence, it’s aspirations for the day & it’s hopes for the future it’s companionship & reliability. No wonder the pharaohs took their pots to the tomb, they could not be parted from their bosom buddies, their reliable soulful artefacts which would have probably included their favourite mug. Even in the next life they were hoping to be reunited with their favourite brew in their favourite mug. Mugs can tell a lot about people. Straight sided cylindrical mugs with a transfer of a favourite football team or positive affirmation can give you a characterful insight to the types of people you are dealing with.

The handmade hand thrown iridescent coloured glaze finished mug complete with thumb rest could belong to a writer a judge a president a chimney sweep – anybody who loves & enjoys treasured moments. Never take your mug for granted Keep it clean & cared for, hand washing is recommended as it likes TMC (tender MUG care)

You carry your emotions through your hands & in your hand there lies your mug It comes through our worst nightmares & our best moments, its what we reach for at the end of a long hard day, it’s there when we make tough decisions & it’s also there when we don’t make them.

OUR mug is like an old pal one “that couldn’t have come at a better time “{Luka Bloom}that makes us & reassures us,  who we are & where we are going on this crazy journey called life . A mug is irreplaceable & even after defects form like a slight chip or crackled glazed we grow even more loving towards it as though it’s power is becoming more adorable & characterful & we accept it just as it is.

We don’t know why but it just fits. Like people, every mug is different & you always know your perfect mug. Never underestimate the power of the mug.

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